At Getting To Know English Centre (GTKEC) we specialise in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)!

An ability to communicate in English is high on the employability scale in non-English countries therefore today’s organisation cannot afford limitations if it wishes to remain internationally competitive. For the modern day organisation, outsource and offshore, mean that geographical boundaries have to be crossed and English is a vital tool in navigating the new territory so, if you need to learn how to read, write and speak English, then join our ESOL programme immediately!

English Classes South Africa

We opened our doors to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners in January 1997 and since then we have become one  of the largest ESOL centres in South Africa. Our learners benefit from a supportive one-on-one relationship with their tutors. Our classes develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills on a social, business or academic level. Devotion to excellence and quality ensures that our learners leave us feeling confident and competent.

Our ESOL programme consists of 6 different levels from Starters to Advanced.

We publish our own course material – keeping course material relevant and affordable! The Centre also runs preparation courses for TOEFL and IELTS exams.

Why studying ESOL at GTKEC is right for you!

  • Competitive rates
  • The ‘home away from home’ experience
  • The greatest team of teachers
  • The greatest students ever (We’re picky!)
  • The best location
  • Great weather
  • Fun excursions
  • Free internet
“Do You Need Anymore Reasons? Register Today!” There is no substitute for professionalism, integrity and passion. It is on these principles that we have built our institute and we are proud to share our experience with you! Welcome to our Centre!