Requirements for foreign students who would like to study English at GTKEC:


Foreign students must be in posession of a valid study permit before entering South Africa for study purposes.
Application for a study permit must be done at a South African mission in the student’s country of origin.

In terms of the revised Immigration Act, one of the requirements for foreign students is that they must provide proof of medical cover. The organisation by which a student is covered must be registered with the council for Medical Schemes. Visit one of the following websites: (click on Medical Aid)

For more information contact the Department of Home Affairs, Republic of South Africa at: and check the section headed: Requirements for the application of a study permit.


  • Foreign students need to be registered to the centre before they can apply for a study permit.
  • For registration candidates must provide:
  • Full names
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport number
  • Intended date of arrival
  • Two passport photos (on arrival)
  • All applicants will be required to take a pre-course assessment test. This will ensure that candidates are suitably placed.


  • Candidates on Study Permits must have an 80% attendance record. If you have a Study Permit and you are not in class you will be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • All fees are strictly payable in advance. Candidates who do not comply with this regulation will not be permitted to continue their programmes.
  • Fees should be paid within the first week of the month.

Candidates who start on the 15th or later, will be required to settle that month and the following month (e.g. 2 weeks and 1 month).



International Students must apply for a Study Permit in their country of origin, if they wish to study in South Africa.

To obtain a Study Permit, you will need:

Proof of Registration and payment of the school A study Permit application – apply at the nearest South African Embassy.GTKEC admission requirements.

The Embassy will require:

Medical Insurance

Medical Certificates (x2) – Get the standard forms from the South African Embassy

Police Clearance

Repatriation deposit

Bank statements as proof of financial sustainability in South Africa

It is a great privilege to further your education in South Africa and this opportunity is granted on the invitation of the institute to which you have applied……




Only apply for a Study Permit if you are going to study in South Africa. If you have a Study Permit and you are not studying, your school WILL report the matter to local authorities and you will be investigated.

Please note that the process for obtaining a Study Permit in South Africa is exactly the same as in your country of origin. In fact the process in South Africa will be a great challenge, since your English is limited and your knowledge of the city too.

Getting To Know English does not offer immigration services. If you need assistance with visa-related matters we can refer you to an Immigration Agent.